“I truly believe Rafting is an activity for everyone - so this is your sign to come and give it a go.”

Sep 03, 2023 |

White Water Rafting is an experience like no other and it promises to be an experience you’ll never forget. The best thing is, it’s an activity open to all!

Our unique course at the National Water Sports Centre was built in 1986 and has hosted prestigious competitions like the Commonwealth Games and European Championships. It’s a course full of twists and turns but it’s not somewhere restricted to elite sports people - Rafting is ideal for team building activity, but can also be enjoyed solo or with a group of friends.

The Head-Raft Guide at the National Water Sports Centre, Danny Santander, says it’s something that everybody should try at least once.

One of the most common things that is said to me when people come off the course for the first time is that ‘I wish I’d have tried this sooner’”, Danny explains. “Perhaps people lack a bit of confidence with getting in the water, maybe they don’t know we’re here, or maybe they just don’t know whether they’d be able to do it.

“I can tell you now that you can do it and you will enjoy it. Life really is too short to be worried about the little things. The beauty of Rafting on our course is that we can make it as easy or as difficult as we think you can manage - it’s the perfect way to build memories with family, friends or colleagues and has been known to reduce stress.”

Danny has been the head-raft guide at the National Water Sports Centre since 2009 and he says that the best part of his job is getting people on the course that didn’t think they could. He said “we’ve had people here try rafting that have mobility issues, we’ve had a group that were partially sighted, we’ve had all kinds of different conditions, but we always give them an experience to remember – even if we have to alter the experience a little.

When a customer tells you they don’t think they’ll be able to do it – but then you see their face once they have done it. You see the satisfaction and, as an instructor, that’s the reason you do the job.

I truly believe Rafting is an activity for everyone - so this is your sign to come and give it a go.”

Rafting is an adrenaline fuelled experience like no other. Our unique course is full of twists and turns and is an experience you'll never forget. For more information on our Rafting sessions and out white-water course, see here.