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22nd January 2018

TV’s Rob Edmond to host Warrior Assault obstacle course free experience day

The all-action Warrior Assault obstacle course is coming to Holme Pierrepont Country Park, home of The National Water Sports Centre and a free experience day will be held on Saturday, February 10th 2018 to give customers a taster of what to expect when the event launches properly on Saturday June 9th 2018.

Warrior Assault consists of over 30 obstacles, which include the award winning 3 storey super slide ‘Take Off’. On the experience day, people can try out a selection of the major obstacles, which will make up the full course in June.

The February experience day will be hosted by TV’s Rob Edmond, best known for his role as the no-nonsense trainer from ITV1’s weight loss show ‘The Biggest Loser’ with Davina McCall. He’ll be on hand to give advice on how best to attack the course and give instruction on how to train and better prepare for Obstacle Races.

Rob said: “Events like Warrior Assault are a great family day out. You’ve got the full course for anyone over 16, but there’s also options for 4-11 and 12-15 year olds.

Warrior Assault is going to attract adrenaline junkies who want a real physical challenge, but don’t let the obstacles put off any newbies who want to try an obstacle course for the first time.

On the experience day, I’ll be giving advice on how best to approach the challenges but also stressing that big events like these are as much about fun as they are about competitiveness.”

James Palmer, Holme Pierrepont Country Park’s General Manager said: “We’re really pleased to be bringing Warrior Assault to Holme Pierrepont Country Park as another dimension to our existing portfolio of big family day out events and attractions.

We know this is an important time of year for people looking to improve their fitness and obstacle course races offer a fun way of doing this. Our aim is to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy healthy, active lifestyles so we’ve made sure the event is suitable for all abilities, as well as including a course for children to encourage families to take up exercise and get fit together.”


21st June 2017

Notice for all Country Park Users - Blue Green Algae on the Lake

Blue-Green Algae has been seen in significant amounts in the Main Regatta Lake at Holme Pierrepoint Country Park home of the National Water Sports Centre.  At this stage the lake is not closed however please consider the information and advice below.

What is it?
Blue-green algae generally grow in lakes, ponds, and slow-moving streams when the water is warm and enriched with nutrients like phosphorus or nitrogen.

What problems do blue-algae cause?
The water may be discoloured green, blue-green or greenish brown and several species can produce musty, earthy or grassy odours. Blooms can also cause foaming on the shoreline which is sometimes confused with sewage pollution. Some bloom and scum forming blue-green algae can produce toxins. These toxins can kill wild animals, farm livestock and domestic pets. They can also be harmful to human health.

What are the health risks?
Blue-green algae are capable of producing several different toxins. People may be exposed to these toxins through contact with the skin (e.g. when swimming), through inhalation or by swallowing contaminated water.

These toxins can cause skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, fever and headaches. Occasionally they can cause more serious illness such as liver and brain damage. Children are at greater risk than adults of developing problems because of their comparative lower body weight.

How can the health risks be minimised?
Not all blue-green algae blooms and scums are toxic but it is not possible to tell from appearance and so it’s best to assume they are harmful and take the following precautions:

  • Do not swim in the water
  • Do not swallow the water
  • Avoid contact with the algae
  • All users especially beginners should consider their ability to remain out of the water

Anyone who has come into contact with water containing blue-green algae should shower with fresh water immediately. Anyone who has come into contact with affected water and has become ill should obtain medical attention and inform site staff. - 0115 9821212

11th April 2017

Water Sports Centre to host World Championship Canoeing event

We’re very pleased to announce that the National Water Sports Centre (NWSC) been awarded the International Canoeing Federation (ICF) World Freestyle Canoeing Championships to be held in August and September of 2021.

This is great news for the site and all the teams that had a hand in the selection process. We’re looking forward to welcoming over 300 of the world’s best freestylers, plus spectators and media from countries far and wide. 

Claire O’Hara is the most successful female freestyle paddler of all time and an eight-time world champion. She had this to say about the news and the facilities at the NWSC:

“This is fantastic news for British freestyle paddlers.  We have been one of the leading forces in freestyle for a long time and without a doubt, this is in part to do with the incredible training facilities in Nottinghamshire.

Holme Pierrepont Country Park wins Nottingham Environmental Award
This year’s annual Environmental Awards has become one of the highlights of Holme Pierrepont Country Park’s year. The awards praise the work to protect and enhance the world we live in, by championing causes that go above and beyond.

Contacting Us

If you have any queries about visiting the Holme Pierrepont Country Park, Home of the National Water Sports Centre, then please don’t hesitate to contact us:

National Water Sports Centre
Adbolton Lane
Holme Pierrepont
NG12 2LU
Phone: 0115 982 1212

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