Energy & Carbon Policy Statement

Last Updated: 03 Apr 2024

 Our Vision

To minimise the impact of our activities as a business on the environment.”

This covers all activities carried out within Serco Leisure as well as the direct and indirect impacts of those activities:

  • Inputs, including but not exclusively energy and resources purchased.
  • Operational processes of the business
  • Outputs, including but not exclusively all waste types and all emission types.

By minimising the impact of inputs, operational processes and outputs, we will be able to deliver continual improvements.
All members of Serco Leisure are responsible for implementing the Policy.


Statement of Commitment 

Concerns over climate change and rising energy costs mean the importance of managing and reducing carbon emissions has never been so high. Improved environmental and energy performance are core components of Serco Leisure’s mission to provide a safe, warm, clean, friendly and fun environment for the local community at an affordable cost. 

We recognise that sound energy and carbon management is vital to the future of our business and must be fully integrated into our management and operational procedures. 

We are committed to continuous improvement of energy performance, ensuring appropriate management systems are developed and maintained and sufficient resources are made available to achieve the objectives of this policy. 


Scope and Objectives 

This Policy applies to all Serco Leisure facilities and commits us to the following objectives: 

  • Energy performance improvement, setting and reviewing Business Unit and local objectives and targets and ensuring the necessary resources are in place. 
  • Collate performance data for communication to stakeholders. 
  • Comply with relevant legislation and compliance obligations. 
  • Incorporate energy and water efficiency measures into our buildings and promote efficient use of resources in all areas of business activity. 
  • Adopt a procurement programme, which takes into account the environmental impact of products and services, supports the purchase of energy-efficient products, and considers energy performance in design. 
  • Ensure waste is disposed of in a way that minimises impact on the environment, prioritising minimisation, re-use, recovery and recycling. 
  • Ensure staff are aware of the environmental and energy impacts of their work activities and encourage them through awareness raising and training to minimise those impacts. 
  • Pursue a programme of continuous procedure and practice improvements. 
  • Ensure our policy is clearly displayed and communicated at all levels within the business, and is reviewed regularly.