Team Building

With over 30 years of experience in organising team building activities, we know how to tailor a package to suit your group's needs. Just tell us the size of your group and what the objectives are for the day are, and we'll use our know-how to come with a winning package.

Here's a list of the kind of thing we can offer:

Raft Building

Working in teams, the challenge is on to build a raft out of materials such as barrels, ropes and planks. Once it's built, let's see how far it gets out on the water!

White Water Rafting

Challenge your team to work together to tackle the rapids and work their way down the foaming waters of the UK’s premier natural white water course.


Problem Solving

Our problem-solving activities are based in our outdoor Adventure Activity Course; your group will be given different challenges across the course designed to test your problem-solving skills.


Adventure Activity Course

Take on the challenge of our 700m activity course; navigate your way through the tyre run, over the cargo net, across the balance beams and into the underground tunnel. Each session is tailored to the group with variable course records and layouts to suit your needs.

Kayaking / Sailing

Take to the water and try our kayaks or have a go at sailing as part of your team building activities. Our fully trained instructors will create structured activities for your group depending on what you’re looking to get your of your day.

ECombat Laser Tag

Try our exciting new outdoor laser tag combat game on our very own all-weather battlefield! With different ‘missions’ available, this is a great activity for encouraging your group to work together in teams to complete the missions set.


NEW British Canoeing Packages

We've teamed up with British Canoeing to offer exclusive White Water Rafting corporate packages, which include the opportunity to meet an Olympic Medallist.

How can we help?

Contact one of our customer advisors today to find out more about what we can offer you or to book your conference.

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Key Stats

  • 30 years' experience organising team building event activities
  • Wide variety of land- and water-based activities
  • Just tell us your group size and objectives and we'll do the rest
  • New canoeing packages!
  • Catering options to suit all requirements
  • Contact our Events Team on 0115 982 12 12
Pricing and Tickets

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    ECombat Laser Tag

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  • Footgolf


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    Playground and Country Park

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