Photography and Filming Policy

Last Updated: 20 Nov 2023

Country Park General

  • Picture taking is permitted but must be limited to your group, avoiding other members of the public
  • Pictures of the country park is permitted, avoiding other members of the public
  • No drone flight is permitted on site without site approval

Activities and Sports (none NGB)

  • Photography of any kind is not permitted whilst you are taking part in an activity this includes mounted devices such as go pros
  • See Country Park general
  • White Water and lake specific (point 1 applies) Coaches may use photography to aid in training and development but the camera must be under the operators control at all times in order to avoid non subject person image capture

Gym, changing rooms and toilets

  • No photography is permitted without site approval


  • Please note large scale events take place on site and photography of the event operations/participants will take place.