Paddle in the Park

Paddle in the Park is back! Join us for a weekend on the Lagoon and Rapids for our annual Paddle Sport Festival.

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June 2018

You can pre-book a workshop,  or buy a Lagoon Day Pass to just 'have a go' at all our water activities, by using the buttons below. There's stuff to do, stuff to watch and stuff to eat.

A family day out with something for everyone, and with so much to do, there's no stopping you coming along for the whole weekend!


Pre-book your Lagoon Day Pass

For just £5 per person, per day you can have an unlimited day pass to all our Water Activities on the Lagoon! Suitable for the whole family and paddlers at all experience levels.



Pre-book your Lagoon Wipeout Day Pass

This year we are offering a BRAND NEW Lagoon Wipeout Day Pass £12 per person, per day this includes an unlimited day pass to all our Water Activities on the Lagoon and a slot on the Lagoon Wipeout! 




Pre-book your White Water Workshop and White Water Pass

For just £5 you can have a White Water Pass, unlimited paddling time on the course. There are also workshops on offer. These workshops are delivered by expert coaches/top paddlers and are designed to help you improve your skills and try new things, including freestyle, white water, OC1, Slalom and women only sessions.




White Water Pass



9am - 7pm

Drench Factor

Lagoon Day Pass



2 Days

Adrenaline Factor


Pricing and Tickets

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  • Mini Golf

    Challenge the rest of your family, or a group of friends on our 9-hole Mini Golf course. Combines perfectly with the Sky Trail as the course is built around the climbing area. Group the two activities for a fun family day out. 

  • Kayaking and Canoeing

    Come and enjoy canoeing and kayaking at the home of the National Water Sports Centre. Activities run throughout the year, with canoeing being suitable for anyone aged over 18 months and kayaking aged 8 years or over. 

  • Segways

    Come and enjoy the unique thrill of riding a Segway. Gently lean forward and you're off! Then just lean back and you'll come to a smooth stop. We'll show you how to do it, then the Segway course is yours to explore.

  • Stand Up Paddleboarding

    If you've ever seen someone doing stand-up paddleboarding, you'll know how good it looks - smoothly gliding on the water while standing up. This is a water sport you really need to try. 

  • Sky Trail

    A great activity for all ages. Dual-level adventure high ropes - all the way up to 24ft! With the first level at 12ft, and a special Sky Tykes course at 2ft, this is a great whole family day out activity.

  • Ecombat Laser Tag

    ECombat Laser Tag

    Safe, fun... all out warfare. Come and test yourself in our Mini ECombat Laser Tag arena. Anyone 8 and over can play. A free for all style game with no teams, no rules... just shoot whoever you like... or dislike! 

  • Footgolf


    Enjoy golf but prefer bigger balls? FootGolf is what you've been waiting for.  A family day out activity, or gentle start to a stag/hen weekend. Easy to play - just kick it into the hole in less shots than the others and you're the winner! 

  • Skytykes

    Sky Tykes

    Step up on our Sky Tykes rope climbing course. A great way of improving your child's balance and improving their co-ordination skills. A family day out in the air!   

  • Lazy River Tubing

    Lazy River Tubing

    Brand New Lazy River Tubing. Now available for families and children age 6 and over. Perfect for anyone who wishes to ride the calmer waves and enjoy our stunning views.

  • Playground and Country Park

    Playground and Country Park

    Take a stroll round the park. There's plenty to see all year round for the nature lover. And for kids who don't fancy a walk - we've got a playground!