This award is designed to develop your skills and understanding of how to plan a day of Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) in sheltered water, whilst giving you the abilities and decision making skills to travel safely on your pre-determined route. 

The Sheltered Water SUP Award will enable you to organise and carry out an enjoyable and safe trip on the water up to 200 meters from the shore whilst in force 3 winds. 

You will be confident in considering how far you can safely travel from the shore while identifying safe exit points, expanding your knowledge of rescue techniques and looking at other environmental factors which may impact your journey. 

We will look at and develop proficient skills to anticipate and adapt to problems we may encounter, enabling us to have a safe and enjoyable day out Paddleboarding. 


Course Content:

  • Location, trip planning and weather conditions
  • Equipment and clothing
  • Safety and rescue techniques
  • Body, paddle and foot positioning and how this affects your paddling
  • Forward paddling and manoeuvring
  • Efficient use of power transfer
  • Working as a group

Every time we experience Paddleboarding we further our understanding, skills and knowledge of the sport. In SUP steady, gradual development is encouraged, creating a more enjoyable experience on the water with no two experiences ever the same we never stop learning.

For more information about the qualification visit the British Canoeing Paddles Up Training Website by clicking here

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